About me

I am not a professional photographer by all means, just an amateur doing it as a hobby. In fact, I have never even taken any sort of photography class at all. I don't shoot with the most expensive equipment at all, just an outdated Canon XTI / 400D. I only have one lens at the moment other than the stock 18-55 kit lens. I plan on upgrading to a Canon 7D in the near future when I have more money. For now, I'll just maximize the most of what I have. I hope you all enjoy the photos I post up on here. Everything you see here is just by picking up a camera and experimenting.

I enjoy all kinds of photography, but have a passion for automotive photography. I will try to attend as much automotive events as I can. This site will showcase the car scene in the Pacific Northwest. See you guys / gals later!

If anyone has questions on my photos or would like full resolutions photos please email me or sign the guestbook and let me know which one. I'll be gladly to send it to you.

Name: Jeffrey Santiago
Location: Seattle, WA
Age: 24
Flickr account: Jeffrsantiago
Facebook: Jeffrsantiago

Random Q & A's

What car do you drive?
Currently driving a Grand Prix White 2000 Honda S2000.

Why do you shoot with Canon and not Nikon?
This is a hard one, to me they are both really good cameras, but I decided on Canon because at the time I wanted a self cleaning sensor. That's it. I didn't bother to do much research or anything, but I am quite happy with my decision. Plus all my friends have Nikon, so I wanted something different.

What is your favorite type of food?
I like all kinds of foods, but for some reason I can't hate pizza. I never get bored of pizza. Any kind of pizza too, frozen pizza, Pizza Hut, etc.

What is your favorite type of ice cream?
Hrm this is hard, I like ice cream in all flavors. But I really like, cookie dough, and mint chocolate chip.